Wadi el Gemal
National Park

The main entrance of Wadi El Gemal National Park is located around 50km south of Marsa Alam city Southern Red Sea, Egypt. There are many hotels and eco-lodges that accommodate tourists and Park visitors along the Southern Red Sea coast from Qusier at North towards Shalaten at South. You will find any level you want starting from basic camp, eco-lodges, 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars hotels. The closest hotels to Wadi El Gemal National Park main entry gate are Gorgonia Beach Resort and Sham Alam Hotel. THE GORGONIA BEACH RESORT Covering an area of over 300,000 square meters just adjacent to the Wadi El Gemal National Park, the Gorgonia Beach Resort has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday in great comfort with a wide choice of things to do. The attention to detail, the elegant design touches, 350 rooms, 3 restaurants, 6 bars, a theatre, disco, 4 swimming pools, excellent sports facilities, 700 meters of white sandy beach, a beautiful pristine sea and our highly qualified staff all combine to enable even the most demanding guests to enjoy a holiday just the way they like it. Gorgonia is proud to be the only certified green hotel in the area. Our management policy is grounded on providing best hospitality services to our visitors in a high quality and environmentally friendly manner. The resort is located in a very unique and virgin natural protected area that possesses outstanding coral reef ecosystems and underwater world life that is rich of biodiversity. Our resort is dedicated to sustainable use of natural resources, biodiversity conservation and local community development. We are committed to supporting the livelihoods of the Ababda tribe local people by providing free of charge marketing channels for their handicrafts in our resort. We actively participate in various activities to promote ecotourism, conservation and sustainable use of the Park through working with Park team, NGOs, and other partners. Our responsible environmental practice have been crowned with the recognition of the most national and international environmental bodies awarding us certificates and awards that include; the Green Star Certificate from giz and Ministry of Environment in Egypt, Green Globe Certificate from USA, and best environmental hotel award from Ministry of Environment in Egypt. For more information and reservation, please visit

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