Wadi el Gemal
National Park


Ecotourism Promotion in Wadi el Gemal

Aiming to promote ecotourism in Wadi el Gemal

The inception of an ecotourism model for the Wadi el Gemal National Park was made possible thanks to generous contributions by Veronaland Touristic Development and the KfW German development bank. The ecotourism model for the park is being implemented through a public private partnership between Veronaland Touristic Development and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, as well as various Egyptian public institutions.

Together we aim to promote ecotourism by enhancing the park’s infrastructure and services in a manner that will benefit the environment and the local Ababda tribe. This will ultimately improve the overall marketability of Marsa Allam as a destination, extending the benefits of ecotourism on a larger scale.

To achieve this, we are in the process of rehabilitating the park’s visitor center and raising awareness on the park and ecotourism in general through different streams and activities.

Wadi el Gemal Visitor Center

Visitor center

The Wadi el Gemal visitor center is located xx km away from Marsa Allam. The center offers ecotourism services to individual guests, tour operators and tourism establishments along the Red Sea coastline.

We provide our visitors with a world class experience by offering them high quality audio and visual interpretive presentations, maps and tours that will enable them to truly appreciate the park’s distinctive environmental and cultural resources.

a virtual tour
of the visitor center

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